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October 25th, 2018

06:03 pm -
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March 5th, 2012

04:13 pm - Alexander Wang Rocco given by FARFETCH?!

A free sexy Alexander Wang Rocco?
Its seems abit far-fetched, but yes, www.farfetch.com is giving out an Alexander Wang Rocco. (All you have to do is to share the news and you might be the lucky one!)



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02:04 am - FAKE as hell : Its "Branded" !

Was watching "So Fake" just now.

Its a program that shows the seedy world of imitates, the black market. And this time it's about Fashion (Brands)
Counterfeits can be bought for less than a fraction of the price of the real good. Pricing of the counterfeits can range from less than $20 to over $1000 depending on the quality of the good. They have grading system for that - grade C, B, A, AA, AAA. Grade AAA is of the highest quality and look EXACTLY the same as the real one, to the point that even an expert wouldn't be able to differentiate the differences. (A fake LV bag can cost around $200 and a fake Fred Perry shirt can cost just $10)

Clothes is the 2nd most counterfeited item in the world. Worth over 370 million. Shocking amount, isn't it?!

China, the centre of the manufacturing sector of legitimate goods have resulted in the availability of resources, labour, technologies and information. Thus, allowing the black market to grow. (and in an increasingly fast rate)
Not just in China, there are alot of countries, mostly in Asia, due to them being part of the manufacturing industry had allow the black market to grow so fast, to be 'accepted' in the society by the people despite the fact that it is illegal.

You can easily find tons of fakes while walking on the streets of Thailand, HongKong, Taiwan, Korea. I have been to Thailand, HongKong, and they are selling fakes on their makeshift stalls by the streets. (You can go to Temple street in HK or just go to any night market in Thailand)
In Korea and China, they have huge malls which sells all sorts of stuffs including the fake ones.
I went with a tour agency to China in 2009, and they brought us to a HUGE mall which sells all sorts of stuffs, and the whole place is filled with fake goods. From jewellery, watches, headphones, shirts to bags and shoes. EVERYTHING YOU NEED is in there. And the interesting thing is that the tour agency brought us there 3 times! 3 times! even though the agency brochure stated once. Because the tour agents (obviously from China) can earn commission by doing so.
I went to some of Korea famous shopping heavens, Namdaemun market and Dongdaemun in 2010, and it's the same as China. Huge malls selling all sorts of stuffs. And, I notice that there are some manufacturing companies nearby (but I have forgotten where, if Im not wrong, should be Namdaemun)
Some of them have catalogues for the fake goods and they hide all the goods to prevent getting caught by the authorities. They will ask what design you like from their catalogue and they will send someone to get the goods from their hidden place.
I remember when I was just 14, I went to this marketplace in China and they sells all sorts of stuffs(Seriously, you can get anything, anywhere in Asia). I was with my friend and I'm interested in a pair of fake adidas shoes(I have no idea what I was thinking). My friend bargained with the grumpy man (with hair filled with dandruffs), and we finally agreed on the price and he send his assistant to get a pair. We waited awhile and realised we are late for our bus, thus we told him it's too late and run off (while the man cursed us loudly). Luckily, we ran off, cause our bus nearly went off without us.

How a store in the mall normally looks like.(credits to google)

So, how easy is it to produce a fake good?
Well, in China, Someone can actually just buy a real branded good, and go to or set up a factory and produce the EXACT SAME thing without difficulty. Oh yes, they even make the fake paper bags, receipts, holograms, authenticity cards. (Because they have the product which is the "Information", the factories which is the "Labour",  Machines refers to the "Technologies" and the Materials refers to the "Resources". Everything is readily available!)

How long does a sweatshop worker work?
30 days a month, at least 12 hours a day. Non-stop.
They are underpaid, being abused, watched under tight security, and under incredibly bad conditions.
What's worse is that some of the workers are not even 15. While other kids are having fun or studying, these kids have to slog over 10hours just to get measly pay. It's not because they wanted to, it's because they have to do so to survive. And those who set up those companies made use of their need to survive to make money. The workers are viewed as nothing more than money making tools. INHUMANE.

People who sells counterfeits claimed that they are doing so to survive, but they are doing it on the expense of others. What is more disgusting than commiting heinous crime and making others suffer and using "Im doing it to survive" as an excuse?

But then again, they are not entirely at fault. Why? Because there is a demand for the fake goods. It's a 2 way relationship.
The demand for counterfeits is simply due to the fact that people buys "branded" goods because of its "brand" or "look" but not because of how it was made. They don't understand and don't appreciate how it was made. Every single piece of branded good is a piece of art (whether the design is unattractive or not) because every single good is made in detail.(Some are even handmade, especially the branded ones like Hermes)
The craftsman are the ones who made the branded goods using their remarkable skills(skills that can't be attained overnight).

For an example, there are different procedures in making a bag, (An Art I would say)
First of all, is the design process, whereby the designer rake her/ his brains to think up of a design. After the design was finalized, it's finding the right materials and colours. Now, next is the amazing production, whereby the ideas come to life. Every single procedure of production will be handled by specialized craftsman of different departments over a long period of time. Every single step, all the way from when the designer comes up with the design to actually producing it took an incredibly long time. The product represents the designer's creativity and the heart and sweat of the craftsmen.

I truly appreciate them (:

If you have the ability to buy the branded good and appreciates it, yes you can get it, but if you don't, think twice about it, for every penny you spend on it, you are actually encouraging black market, sweatshop labour and insulting the designers and craftsmen.

So now, we need to educate people, having a branded product is not exactly superficial, but getting a fake one definitely is and is deadly too.
Nowadays, people are fighting back and governments from all over the world is trying to catch those people who are associated with the counterfeit goods. Don't get yourself involved in this dirty business.

Some information about Black Market/ Counterfeit goods:

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." Winston Churchill

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March 1st, 2012

10:09 pm - Marni at H&M

H&M just open in Singapore last September AND it seems like everyone rushed there like it's one of the great wonders of the world. (No kidding man) Long queues outside H&M and Orchard Road is filled with people with H&M shopping bags, and they held their heads high and carry it like it's some sort of highly expensive branded bag. I don't get why they does that and yea, I have yet to step into H&M Singapore.
Now the Hype is over....but then again, maybe not. Why? cause H&M is launching their collection of Marni at H&M in just one week's time. H&M have been collaborating with several designer brands. What can we expect from that? Interesting collaborations and one of the cheaper alternatives to get a designer good. (Other brands and websites like target also did that, and I think it's a great way to expand it's target audience)

The previous one is Versace.And this time it's with Marni.

This 2 dresses are rather nice(but it cost S$159 and S$249!), they also have the cardigan with the same print(dotted) that looks cute in a weird way.

Kinda like the Vintage swimsuit (Top right)

No offence, very zombie looking...Doesn't work for me, no.

The commercial was filmed by Sofia Coppola!!

Head over here to see more of the Collection, Images (you can check out the pricing): http://www.hm.com/sg/marni#collection/ladies/1

The collection is like a 1960s-1970s vintage style with a touch of hawaiian vacation style. To tell the truth, this collection doesn't really appeal to me.

So is it a Yay or a Nay for you?

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February 3rd, 2012

11:29 pm - ASOS extra 10% sale


Scoop a major discount for a limited time only. Get an extra 10& off sale by entering code CHINA10, SG10 (Singapore), HK10 (Hong kong) TW10 (Taiwan) at check out!
Women’s Sale>> http://asos.to/WWSaleRe-Boot
Men’s Sale >> http://asos.to/MWSaleRe-Boot

*Valid until 8:00am CST(China), SGT(Singapore), HKT (HongKOng), CST(Taiwan) 6th February 2012. Offer applies to orders up to a maximum spend of £500 and is for single use per person. Selected items only, brand exclusions may apply. Only one promo code can be used per order. For deliveries to China only.

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January 30th, 2012

08:05 pm - To dye or not to dye, that is the question.

I have been thinking of dying my hair for some time now. Yes, I know, everyone will think that it's no big deal..just a change of colour, what's there to think of? But for me, apart from the fact that I'm highly undecisive person with constantly fluctuating emotions(PS: It means it take ages for me just to make a decision), there are in fact obstacles that prevents me from getting my hair dyed.
My features are so BLACK and hairy -.- Ok, I have black hair(with a tint of beautiful brown) and VERY black bushy, untamed eyebrows, black long eyelashes, lots of facial hair, with moustache. Yes. Manly!
I fear that I would look weird after getting my hair dyed. Not many can survive with brown/other lighter colour hair and black/dark eyebrows, and most of them are caucasian. Think Kate Winslet. and models on the runway.

Kate Winslet looking sexy, as usual~

and I like to be natural as much as possible. No makeup, dye, chemicals. After spending 20 years on this planet, I find it highly impossible, provided if you want to look like a cave woman. It boils down to me being just being plain lazy :p

and and I <3 my Black Roots. Yes, Truly Asian. So proud of being an Asian. Being an Asian is one of the best part of my life. No pun intended.

After researching, I found a solution to 'looking-weird-with-mismatched-eyebrows-and-hair-colour'. BLEACHED MY DAMN EYEBROWS. This is very common in other countries, but not Singapore (Why is Singapore lacking in almost everything?)

and so after mentally torturing myself for awhile, I decided to take the plunge and well...

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October 26th, 2011

01:48 pm - Singapore Film Festival 2011
It is Singapore Film Festival this 2 weeks (21 Oct - 5 Nov)
Ending in afew days time, but still able to catch it. HURRY UP!
I have yet to catch any of these films! DAMN!

Venue: Sinema, Old School at Mt Sophia OR Cathay Cineplexes, 2 Handy Road

Film Synopsis: http://www.cathaycineplexes.com.sg/pdf/FFF-Synopsis.pdf

Fringe Events that are happening this weekend..

A pity I have part-time job on the 30th Oct..How tragic is that?!!!
I guess I have no fate in meeting Mr Wykidd Song.
I most probably will be heading down to the other 2 events.
For more details: Head to http://www.fashionfilmfestival.sg/

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October 25th, 2011

09:42 pm - ShopBop Sale

Some AWESOME pieces.

This skirt is SO CUTE!! Pair it with a white halter top and you can head to the beach.

Im loving this dress..but it only comes in Cobalt and Black..
I think it will be better in light colours like white and soft pink that will bring out the feminine feel of this gorgeous dress.

Oozing with sexiness..Pair this with Alexander Wang Diego and a pair of black Boots (maybe Jeffrey Campbell)
It will be cute if she wore a black Bowler hat too..haha.

This like the sexiest Booties ever!

So Cute!! I like the exquisite gold details.

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September 30th, 2011

05:13 pm - Urban Decay Book of shadows IV

Special 1 day Promotion!! For Urban Decay fans! (:

"ONE DAY ONLY!! Urban Decay's Book of Shadows IV ($95) is making a one-day
exclusive launch @ Sephora ION on 1st October 2011! Sale of the coveted
palette starts only at 3pm. Woot woot!!! Limited to two palettes per
customer. While stocks last.

Saturday 1, October
3 - 5pm
Sephora ION

Join International Makeup Artist Eric Jimenez and learn to create covetable looks using our Book of Shadows IV palette.

First 150 customers receive a gift valued at $95!
The next 150 customers receive a Book of Shadows IV t-shirt.

Please see a Beauty Advisor for more details."


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September 20th, 2011

12:35 am - Burberry Spring/Summer 2012 LIVE
Watched Burberry Spring/Summer 2012 LIVE streaming at 11pm.

My favourite piece of the collection!!
The stripe pencil skirt is so sexy with the navy keyhole top, pair it with brown wedges.

Main accessory of the show -hat with pompom ball.

Huge Structured Navy Jacket. Look sexy even though it covers up the guy.

Feminine peachy beige trenchcoat with fur trim at the collar..Gorgeous! I adore it!

Love the venue..Its like in a GreenHouse.

Gorgeous nude/peachy pink..

This looks perfect!! Structured jacket with the same-colour lowcut beaded top with a navy pleated skirt!

Coat with Tribal prints. Refreshing!

The jacket looks like blanket..Not liking it.

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